Behavioral Health Treatment (BHT) Benefit

Medi-Cal members can access Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services through the Behavioral Health Treatment (BHT) Benefit.

Who Qualifies?

Medi-Cal covers all medically necessary behavioral health treatment (BHT), including ABA, for eligible beneficiaries. Children who have been recommended for ABA by a physician or psychologist can access services, with or without an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis.

Access Within Weeks

Through the BHT Benefit, CAC can provide access to ABA services within weeks, not months.

Comprehensive Services

Availability for children ages 5 or younger with availability Monday through Friday.

Accessing BHT Services

Referral From Physician

Step 1: Licensed physician determines that child would benefit from ABA services

Step 2: Physician submits referral through Medi-Cal

Step 3: Physician includes information necessitating BHT (ex. direct observation, parent concerns)

Step 4: Physician may include a note requesting to send an FBA authorization to CAC

Referral From CAC Psychologist

Step 1: CAC’s Family Liaison will schedule client for a visit with our Clinical Psychologist to determine if the child would benefit from ABA services

Step 2: If appropriate, CAC will request an authorization to conduct an FBA through Medi-Cal

Step 3: BCBA will conduct an FBA with the client to determine the appropriate treatment program and number of hours