In-Home and In-Center

CAC was one of the area’s first ABA providers to offer both in-center and in-home therapy. This innovative approach offers the benefits of 1:1 therapy in the familiar setting of home where children can apply the skills they’re learning in a natural environment. Our center-based therapy provides unique opportunities for social interaction with other children in a similar age range, inside a dedicated, therapist-lead learning environment designed exclusively for children with autism.

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"My wife and I consider ourselves very lucky to have called CAC. Their expertise and skilled trainers have helped our daughter move from little meaningful communication to the use of communicative statements in just over three months. We are confident that with the help of CAC, our daughter will continue to improve."

Compassionate Experts

Our behavior therapists exceed the national requirements for ABA training in the field of Autism and have an exceptional level of compassion for the families we work with. Our therapists are also closely supervised and mentored by experienced, master’s-level BCBA and BCaBA specialists. These clinical supervisors observe therapy sessions, and provide feedback to improve progress.

Hands-On Technology

At CAC, children are given hand-held, touch-screen devices that provide an effective, simple and intuitive way for children to communicate and build skills. Our therapists also use cutting-edge software to collect real-time data during therapy sessions. This allows us to track which methods are working best and make adjustments to therapy. We share this data with parents, as well as give them the ability to observe their child’s therapy sessions via Skype and online video.


At CAC, we believe that services should extend to the whole family. When parents and siblings have the support they need to flourish, the child living with autism is more likely to benefit from their therapy. To help your entire family grow stronger, together, we provide support, tools and ongoing guidance. Our behavior therapists equip you with practical training you can use in the home and other settings. We’ll also regularly check in with you to see how you’re doing, and connect you to resources that allow you to focus on caring for your entire family.